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Need a ride? Have some extra room? ¬†Here is your ride share board for Old Settler’s Music Fest 2015!

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  1. Will Godwin

    i need a ride out (and back) on Saturday from south central Austin (e.g., South Lamar, Manchaca Rd., Westgate Shopping Center, somewhere near). Am a local just trying to get out (and back) for Saturday’s music…..

  2. Hussain

    I have a volunteering shift on Wednesday from 4pm. So I’m hoping to find a ride tomorrow morning or noon. Please let me know if you can help.

  3. Alex travelling Aussie

    Hey all, I’m just coming from Austin – but an Aussie traveller without wheels. Would be happy to get down their Wednesday noon or Thursday day. I’m doing a volunteer shift Thursday night. Please help. Thanks! pls email me.

  4. John Reinhart

    Need a ride to the Old Settler’s Music Fest! Flying in from Minneapolis 12pm noon Friday. I can meet anywhere in Austin, and don’t need to be back to Austin until Monday afternoon, but could leave anytime on Sunday too. I’ll have everything I need for camping for myself, and am a mandolin player and bluegrass musician from the Minneapolis music scene.


    1. Will Godwin

      We’re heading to Fest at 3p Friday from 6700 Manchaca Rd. We could get you to the site . If you can get on Bus #3 (downtown) southbound, ask Bus Driver to let you out at the Bus Stop at 6500 Manchaca (across from Fire Station) and our building is right there, just south of the busstop (and back off the road).


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