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Diana Harrell

Rolling up her sleeves and jumping in with both feet is a philosophy Diana has used throughout her career which has spanned Sales, Technical Writing, Graphic Design, Branding, and Marketing. She loves building things, from wheedling a hammer and saw while helping her husband construct their hill country home to putting together the first-ever Office of University Marketing at Texas State University.


Diana and her husband fell in love with Old Settler’s the first time they volunteered. Now, they volunteer on both the Infrastructure Set-up and Site Prepper teams.

Diana was the lead on the Old Settler's Open House event in 2018, spearheaded

the Keep the Vibe Alive and Silence the Generators fundraising campaigns, and coordinated community outreach efforts, She continues her Land Stewardship work for the Old Settler's Homestead and now serves as the President of the Board of Directors. In addition to her deep love and appreciation of music, she is pretty fond of soccer, too.