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OSMF prides itself for being a laid-back, positive, family friendly experience.  Please do your part to keep this spirit alive by spreading good vibes.  Good vibes means having fun, taking care of one another, having a little patience, and being respectful to your neighbors and staff. We are known for being a laid-back, friendly festival. It’s up to you to keep the good vibes going.


Leave your speakers at home – this is a jamming campground and additional music is not necessary. Amplified music is not allowed. People come here to play, not to listen to other people’s i-pods. Walk around, meet some new people and hear some great music. You’ll be glad you did.

No drum circles after midnight. It may be an all-night party for you, but someone is trying to sleep.


Be a good neighbor. DO NOT trespass. The border of the campground is fenced and clearly marked, but you are responsible for your own safety and well-being.


Please use the recycling and trash bins provided.  Be prepared to pack out what you take in.  Thank you!


No pets will be permitted. Certified “Service Animals” as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act will be allowed.  “Emotional Support” animals and “Pets” are not covered under the ADA and therefore will not be allowed.  All service animals must be registered with the Festival ADA services and be given festival credentials.  ADA services can be found at the First Aid tent.


Please leave your ATVs or personal golf carts at home.



All campfires must be in a raised fire pit with a mesh cover. If there’s a Burn Ban, no campfires are allowed.