Your Support Means Everything

Old Settler’s, like so many others, is working hard to make it through these difficult times. We were just a month away from the festival, when it became unsafe to gather and the Governor’s executive order was put in place. In festival terms, one month away from the festival is like being paid once a month and it’s the 30th. While that doesn’t seem possible, it is. Advance ticket sales cover the startup costs of the festival, onsite sales take care of the remaining expenses as well as the running costs until the next festival cycle starts.

A normal festival cycle is one year. Because of our current health crisis, our festival cycle is now two and a half years. That is a high mountain to climb. We’ve got our gear and we are at base camp. We need your help to climb this mountain. Together, we can reach the summit.

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We are happy to announce that all tickets purchased for April 2020 will be honored for the October 21 – 24, 2021 festival. Old Settler’s partnered with LYTE to develop a safe and secure ticket exchang