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Old Settler’s Music Festival loves our volunteers!  We rely heavily on volunteers to do many jobs including production, ticketing, safety, information, artist relations and more. Three years ago we broke ground on our new home in Tilmon, Texas and we cannot be more grateful for the help we received from hundreds of volunteers. We are super excited about this year and hope you’ll join us, too.


There are perks to being part of the team. Volunteer for 16 hours during the festival, and you get a free four-day general admission wristband with camping. You also get a free festival t-shirt. You can park for free as a volunteer in the Meadow Parking Lot or in Camp Armadillo. If you want to take advantage of Early Access and enter the property between Sunday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 15th, you must purchase an Early Access pass. If you are scheduled to work during that time, Early Access is free. Please make sure your team leader has put your hours in FestiVol so that the volunteer coordinators can verify it when you arrive.  Sorry, we cannot give out free RV/Trailer passes or free electrical permits. They must be purchased here.

Just a word to the wise, though, we receive many applications and just filling out an application does not automatically guarantee you a spot in one of our crews. If you are chosen for a team and have already purchased a ticket, sorry, we cannot refund your money.

Please Note: we do receive more applications than we have volunteer spots – so we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee anyone a place.

All volunteers should attend the volunteer meeting on Sunday, March 8, 2020 from 2-5 pm at the property.  We will go over basic festival information and changes from last year. If you are a new volunteer, you’ll be able to talk with team leaders and figure out where you’ll best fit in.  Then all teams will meet in small groups with their team leader.  Very important to attend.





Our volunteers are often the only festival employees our attendees see-and they’re instrumental in setting the Texas-friendly vibe that keeps fans coming back. As such, we do ask that volunteers maintain a friendly, civil, and welcoming demeanor at all times.


We also ask that all volunteers report for work on time, dressed appropriately, and free of the influence of alcohol or other substances. For a complete list of volunteer rules and expectations, click here.


Some of our volunteering teams require special expertise-we’re always looking for registered nurses, for example. But you don’t need a special skill to volunteer-and as you’ll see below, there’s something for everyone. Check out our list of volunteer teams:

  • Artist Relations & Transportation. Be the first line of contact for tour managers and artists. Make sure our artists are provided for, with a roof over their heads and transportation. Coordinate with tour managers on artist hospitality requests.

  • Artist Hospitality & Green Room. Make sure our artists get everything they need. Set up and tear down green rooms where artists relax between performances-and make sure their hospitality requests are fulfilled.

  • Backstage Beverages. Take care of the backstage crew-providing beverages for artists, VIP’s, staff, and stage crew members.

  • Backstage Catering. Help provide tasty meals to artists and crew on Friday and Saturday at the Hill Country Stage-breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure special food requests are taken care of, and solicit food donations.

  • Merchandise Crew. Order, distribute, and sell merchandise-both for the festival and for the artists.

  • Watering Hole. Sell beer and wine to thirsty concert attendees.

  • Box Office. Help with ticket sales at our box office. Sell tickets, check attendees in, and secure wristbands.

  • Communications. Serve as a dispatcher to various teams throughout the festival. Alert different groups to move to areas of the festival where there’s a need. Be the Puppet Master.

  • Electrical Crew. Make sure we’re wired up, repair and troubleshoot as needed, and ensure electrical safety-both on the stages and throughout the festival. Only for licensed electricians.

  • First Aid Team: We provide BASIC 1ST AID during the festival on the campground as well as at the Festival Music Venues.  The First Aid Team accepts the following: Drs, PAs, NPs, RNs, LVNs, MAs, CNAs, Paramedics, EMTs, Medics &  some medical students. CPR is required, BLS & ACLS are a bonus.

  • Site Prepping Crew. Earn your volunteer hours by working outside in nature on the newly formed Site Preparation Crew, making the festival grounds and campsites beautiful for all of our festival attendees, campers, and artists. Work during the weekends three months prior to the festival clearing land, cutting/trimming tree branches, mowing, hauling and burning the cut down vegetation, laying down and spreading mulch for internal campground roads and walking paths, and ensuring that possible natural obstacles to festival attendees’ safety is removed.

  • Green Team. Keep the festival clean and hygienic. Help collect and haul trash and recycling; keep bins from overflowing; and pick up litter as needed.

  • Information and Volunteer Check-In. Be the first stop for all arriving volunteers. Check in new volunteers, provide credentials and packets, and tell them where to go. Provide information to both volunteers and festival attendees.

  • Production Crew. Keep the show going! Manage all aspects of the festival’s production needs. Be the communication link between sound, lights, and stage management to keep everything on time and running smoothly. Coordinate stage managers at the Campground stage.

  • Site Operations Crew. Help build the site from the ground up. Assist with supervising tent builds and fence installation, portable toilet distribution, mulch spreading, mowing, tent flooring, dust control, and more to get the festival up and running and keep it going smoothly.

  • Safety Crew. Protect the safety of patrons, volunteers, and artists throughout the festival. Prevent unauthorized entry onto festival grounds.

  • Set-Up and Tear-Down: Structures. Help set up our tents, fences, stages, and other infrastructure before the festival-and tear it down at the end.

  • Set-Up and Tear-Down: Tables and Chairs. Make sure everyone has a place to sit. Set up and break down tables and chairs for specific performances and activities, as well as at the beginning and end of the festival.

  • Signs and Banners. Order, inventory, and hang our festival signage.

  • Youth Activities. Plan and provide special activities for our kids’ program. Run an arts and crafts class, give performances, provide face painting, and more. If you have a unique idea, write —we’re always open to suggestions.

  • Campground Crew. Help run the campground. Manage the gates, help campers set up electrical connections, answer questions, and make sure rules are followed. Sell ice to campers.

  • Stage Management. Make sure everything runs smoothly at the Bluebonnet or Hill Country stages. Manage performance schedules, coordinate artists and crew, and generally be in charge.