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Old Settler’s Music Festival, Inc., a nonprofit civic organization (incorporated as Old Settler’s Bluegrass Festival, Inc.) produces a world class, first class, family friendly music event. The following guidelines recognize some of the critical items that every volunteer shall understand and comply with. Each volunteer will be expected to conduct themselves in such a way as to promote a “Texas friendly” atmosphere that will promote attendance for many years to come. We need your help in keeping “incidents” to a minimum.

1. Drugs and alcohol: The use, possession, sale, transfer, purchase or being under the influence of drugs is against the law. Volunteers represent the festival and as such, are required to remain free of the noticeable influence of illegal drugs, inhalants or alcohol during show times or while on festival business. Volunteers must not report for duty or be on festival grounds while under the influence of, or have in their possession while on festival grounds, any drug or alcoholic substance.

Violation of this drug abuse policy will result in immediate discharge from the festival grounds. Team Leaders will have the authority to discharge volunteers, and the circumstances surrounding the matter will not be considered. Affected volunteers are encouraged to seek assistance for themselves and their dependents. We do not require drug testing as a condition for volunteering.

2. Safety at OSMF is a top priority. All accidents are preventable. OSMF volunteers are responsible for their safety, the safety of their fellow volunteers and attendees. All injuries or accidents must be reported directly to your Team Leader or staff. The Team Leader must then report the injuries to an organizer of OSMF.

3. All OSMF volunteers must sign in when entering. Wristbands and badges must be worn at all times in full view.

4. An OSMF Team Leader may inspect without prior notice, if considered necessary, backpacks, purses, kits, packages, etc. entering or exiting festival grounds.

5. Volunteers who are camping are required to work a total of 16 hours.

6. Volunteers MUST check in at the Volunteer Check in booth upon arrival at the festival. Booth hours/locations are tba:

7. Volunteers must sign the liability waiver — you can print the OSMF GENERAL RELEASE 2019 and bring this with you or you can sign it when you sign in.


1. Report to your team Leader ON TIME.

2. Strive for kindness, generosity, maturity, friendliness, honesty, civility and respect.

3. No rudeness, ridiculing, aggressive behavior, disrespectful language or irresponsibility.

4. Use best effort and perform quality work – stay on task.

5. Wear suitable clothing, reasonably clean.

6. Maintain excellent housekeeping, help remove rubbish and leave area clean for the next shift.

7. If you have complaints, issues and/or questions about any volunteer’s actions or decisions, please take it up privately with that person. Loud complaints in front of patrons about the festival or its staff does not solve the issue, nor does it enhance the reputation of the festival as a laid back, family friendly environment.

On behalf of the festival’s Board of Directors and staff, we hope that you have a great experience. We appreciate your hard work.

Board of Directors
Kevin Vaughn, President
Julia Haug, Vice President

David Spivey, Treasurer

Diana Harrell, Secretary

Amy Bramwell

Scott Collard

Johnny Harvey

Jeanette Ward

Executive Director
Jean Spivey